A real-life incident that teaches so much…

Here’s a blogpost by my father that I thought was very touching..

Welcome to the wonderland of Manohar Naidu!

Begging Bowl  Versus  Bread of Dignity

As a weekly routine on Thursday morning, I was little late to visit Shri Sai Baba Temple. It was about 10 o’clock, but  weather was quite warm during fag end of February month in Nagpur. On my vintage scooter Lamby ,I got out to temple located on busy Wardha Road. The slope of fly-over had obstructed a clear view of temple from other side of the road. In spite of this, the temple continue to attract not only local devotees but  tourist as well. On reaching, I found usual parking mess around the by-lanes. I preferred to keep the vehicle away from this mess, though I had to walk a little distance.Then came the barricade erected to prevent 4 wheelers entry.After crossing that on either side of this by-lane, umpteen  beggars were found  squatting. This line continued,well past shops / restaurant on left side…

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